If you are thinking about installing custom cabinets in a new home build or renovation, you have a lot to consider. In addition to coming up with a new cabinet style and layout, you need to find a reputable cabinetmaker to craft your final design. Custom cabinets have a significant impact in any room. If you work with an unqualified cabinetmaker or one who likes to cut corners, you’ll end up unsatisfied and may have to start over.

Below are the questions you should ask when finding the right company to create your custom cabinets:

Do You Have Trained Cabinetmakers?

Someone offering custom cabinets should be in the business of making them, but many companies outsource cabinet construction. This means you could lose control over material and product quality and forfeit the ability to communicate your preferences. When you work with a cabinetmaker who produces their own work, you can better trust their quality and reputation.

What Materials Do You Use?

While the person making cabinets matters, so do the materials they are using. Wood is a living medium, and quality varies widely depending on the source. The best custom cabinetmakers will have established suppliers they can rely on to provide high-quality lumber and panel products.

Finish and hardware are equally important. Professional cabinetmakers will offer staining and other customization options to match your preferences in-house.

Do You Provide a Drawing?

Your cabinetmaker should provide a sketch of your custom cabinets before you approve the quote. Today, you can find a custom cabinet installer able to create 3D drawings of your new cabinets and provide a sample of wood prepared in your desired finish. Anyone unable to provide drawings or who avoids going into detail about their processes may be out of their depth. We prefer detailed layouts are brought to us for initial consideration.

Can I See the Workshop?

Building custom cabinets requires a workshop. If your custom cabinetmakers claim to craft their cabinets in the U.S., they should have a shop they are willing- and eager- to show off. If you live nearby, you should be able to stop by to see the shop floor.

Do You Have a Gallery?

Seeing is believing, and a picture says a thousand words. Check the company’s website to see if they have a gallery of their past work. Excellent custom cabinetmakers will showcase the diversity of their skills, inspire you with creative solutions, and demonstrate how they overcame unique challenges. If they don’t have a gallery or even a website, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Get Custom Cabinets From Trained Cabinetmakers

Are you considering custom cabinets for your next home or business build or renovation? Talk to the pros at Pilotti Custom Cabinetry. We provide start-to-finish cabinet creation at our Pennsylvania workshop, and we can ship anywhere you need using trusted carriers. We also have an awesome shop (and shop dog) that you are more than welcome to check out! To learn more about our cabinetry, contact us online or call 484-712-5178 today.