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Custom Commerical Cabinets

At Pilotti Custom Cabinetry, we craft custom cabinets that will enhance any business. Our work is suited for any commercial space, whether you're a designer wanting to impress your clients or a builder trying to create a more functional and attractive work environment. Whatever your design expectations, we have the experience and skill to produce custom wood cabinets in almost any size, style, and finish.

Beautiful Custom Cabinetry for Businesses

We work with architects and interior designers to understand your vision and craft elegant cabinets made from your choice of materials. Regardless of the industries you serve or the project's size, we can build cabinets everyone will appreciate. Our cabinetry adds visual appeal unachievable using conventional cabinet solutions and is perfect for use in:

  • Office areas
  • Retail businesses
  • Educational facilities
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Lobbies and showrooms
  • Medical centers and labs
  • Salons, spas, and barbershops
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses

The Benefits of Custom Commercial Cabinets

Custom cabinets are perfect for any designer or commercial property builder looking to create a more attractive, professional space with additional storage options. When you work with a professional cabinetmaker trained to build custom furniture, you can improve your customers' experiences and create happy clients.

Custom cabinetry offers benefits for any business, including:

  • A customized fit: Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, but premanufactured cabinets have limited options. With custom cabinets, you can maximize every square inch to get the most space and create a seamless transition between the cabinetry and room.
  • More storage: When you create custom cabinets, you can design storage areas, choose the right dimensions, and pick the layout you prefer. We can build cabinets to fit anything you want to keep hidden away and turn your storage areas into attractive works of art.
  • Material selection: With custom cabinets, you control the materials, hardware, and finish that goes into your build. At Pilotti Custom Cabinetry, we follow your instructions to the letter and apply your selections for the perfect look.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Nothing compares to the quality of custom, handmade cabinets crafted by professionals who know their trade. When you design custom cabinetry for your commercial clients, work with an expert cabinetmaker to ensure your vision becomes a reality.


Ordering Custom Commercial Cabinets

We are a proud Pennsylvania business. However, even if you are outside the state, we are happy to build your cabinets and ship them to you ready to install. Using your cabinet designs, we produce drawings so you can see how our cabinetry will look once installed. We also take your choice of material and finish to produce a sample for your review. Once approved, we make the cabinets by hand before preparing them for pickup or delivery.


Get a Quote for Custom Wood Commerical Cabinets

To get a free quote for custom cabinetry, or learn more about our shop, process, and the products we create, please fill out our contact form or call 484-712-5178.