Bringing Your Vision to Life

Custom Residential Cabinets

Transform your home build with custom cabinetry made to match your client's exact preferences. At Pilotti Custom Cabinetry, we use the finest raw materials to build custom residential cabinets ready for installation in homes. We work with builders, architects, and interior designers and use your measurements to deliver a unique, handcrafted product that will look amazing, add value to your home design, and last for years to come.

Custom Wood Cabinetry for the Kitchen and Bath

Custom cabinetry is elegant, one of a kind and sure to amaze anyone who comes inside. Regardless of your preferences, dimensions or intended layout, we can create a product that exceeds your expectations with all the intricate millwork and fine detail you want.

Upgrade any room with custom cabinetry, including:

  • Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Home bar
  • Bedrooms
  • Home office
  • Family room
  • Master or guest bath

Custom Cabinets Built Using Your Choice of Materials

At Pilotti Custom Cabinetry, you choose the materials we use to create your cabinets. We've been building custom furniture since 2013, and have an extensive network of local suppliers. This means we use only the best quality raw materials and have a wide selection of wood species available. Using maple, oak, walnut, or another domestic or exotic lumber, we build cabinets following your designs. If desired, we then apply your choice of over three dozen stains and your preferred finish.

The Process for Ordering Custom Wood Cabinets

Our team is easy to work with and responsive to your needs. We are trained cabinetmakers, and we follow your new construction or remodel designs to produce a precise match — down to a fraction of an inch. Before we start building, we'll show you drawings of how our cabinets will look in the home, and provide a physical sample that is stained and finished to resemble your final product.

Once you approve the estimate, we begin working on your cabinets at our Parkesburg, PA, location. By the time your cabinets leave our building, they are ready for professional installation. You can pick them up at our shop, or we can ship them directly to your site, padded and insured for worry-free delivery.


The Benefits of Custom Residential Cabinets

With custom cabinets, you control each detail that goes into your final build. In addition to picking the wood and finish, we can create cabinets in almost any combination, style, and dimensions. We’ll build the customized storage you want and create seamless transitions between the new cabinets and other design features included in the space. Our custom cabinets are more durable than cabinets purchased from a store. Plus, you can stop by and meet our experienced builders to understand the craftspeople behind your residential cabinets.


Request a Quote for Custom Cabinetry

At Pilotti Custom Cabinetry, we are happy to provide a quote for your project. To request yours or learn more about our cabinets and the people making them, please contact us online or call 484-712-5178.